Mulberry Silk Sheets are More Luxurious Than Ordinary Sheets

We’ve talked about the importance of sensory materials in your home. This is what Signs for Intelligence is known for – taking a close look at the sensory elements in our lives.¬†After all, things such as lights, chemicals, and for this article towels, are¬†overlooked. In reality, these things are very important to our senses. Next week we will look specifically at towels. How can towels improve your sensory life at home?

With that said, here’s the feature for the week. Why silk may be the world’s most perfect textile:

Silk is one of the softest, strongest and most luxurious of fibers. Formed by the silkworm, it originated thousands of years ago in China. Silk is used in clothing, and particularly in bedding for sheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers. The highest quality silk is known as Mulberry Silk. What is the difference between silk and Mulberry Silk?

1. A Particular Silkworm Along With a Particular Diet

Mulberry Silk gets its name because the silkworms, of the Bombyx mori moth, are fed from mulberry leaves. Mulberry leaves are the only diet of the Bombyx mori moth. The production of the silk is accomplished in a highly controlled environment where the silkworm larvae are closely monitored. This is done to ensure that the silk threads spun will be finer, rounder, smoother and lighter than any other type of silk.

2. Uniformed Color and Better Fibers

Other types of silks do not have the uniformed color that Mulberry Silk has. The fibers from other silks are also made from shorter strands. With Mulberry Silk, the color is pure white, and it is composed of long individual fibers.

3. The Most Durable

Mulberry Silk is a very durable silk compared to other silks. In fact, it is the strongest natural fiber in the world. A piece of the silk would be just as strong as a same size piece of steel.

4. Mulberry Silk is Natural

What a few significant differences of Mulberry Silk compared to other silks is that it is odorless, hypoallergenic and 100 percent natural. Other silks on the market may be mixed with ingredients, such as polyester. Pure Mulberry Silk is never mixed with anything. It is a safe and healthy choice for allergy sufferers and others who benefit from no additives.

5. The Mulberry Version is More Expensive

Because Mulberry Silk is so pure, it is more expensive than other types of silk. Also, the silk is more exclusive than other types of silk. One of the best places to find the silk is online at a site where quality silk products are sold.

If you are seeking the best silk sheets, Mulberry Silk is the best you can buy. It should have a momme weight of between 12 and 19. Never go below 12 for bedding. The thread count for the bedding should be at 400 or higher. Hand washing or dry cleaning are two recommended ways to wash the luxurious Mulberry Silk sheets.

Coming up: We’ll take a look at sensory experiences from clothing. How can you improve your life with clothing? We’ll look closely at Abyss by Abby and other textiles that can change your life for the better.

Not Quite Human But Why – The Intelligence Of Animals

A lot of people assume that animals aren’t very intelligent creatures. However, as scientists research animals more, they are beginning to learn that isn’t true. In fact, a lot of animals display a startling amount of intelligence.

One example of this is the chicken. There are few people out there that think of chickens as smart. However, chickens have complex vocalizations, and are able to communicate with other chickens in a clear way. They have a strong sense of object permanence, and animals are able to solve simple puzzles when they are placed in front of them.

Pigs are another animal that is more intelligent than people think. Pigs are known for having excellent memories. Once you teach a big something, they will be able to remember it for years. Pigs can be trained in the same ways that dogs can.

Obviously, dogs can be very intelligent. With that said, there are some breeds that are smarter than others. Poodles are one of the smartest kinds of dogs. German Shepards are also very intelligent. That is why they are frequently used as guide dogs and in police training.

As researchers look at animals more closely, they are learning that most creatures possess some intelligence. People should never assume that an animal is stupid just because they can’t communicate the same way that people do. Animals are instead able to express their intelligence in different ways.

From the dolphin to domesticated pets, it is clear that there are many smart creatures in the animal kingdom. Animals have powerful brains that have helped them to survive difficult conditions. There are plenty of incredible animals out there, and many of them rely on their wits. If you love animals, you should spend some time reading about animal intelligence. You may be surprised by what you find.