Not Quite Human But Why – The Intelligence Of Animals

A lot of people assume that animals aren’t very intelligent creatures. However, as scientists research animals more, they are beginning to learn that isn’t true. In fact, a lot of animals display a startling amount of intelligence.

One example of this is the chicken. There are few people out there that think of chickens as smart. However, chickens have complex vocalizations, and are able to communicate with other chickens in a clear way. They have a strong sense of object permanence, and animals are able to solve simple puzzles when they are placed in front of them.

Pigs are another animal that is more intelligent than people think. Pigs are known for having excellent memories. Once you teach a big something, they will be able to remember it for years. Pigs can be trained in the same ways that dogs can.

Obviously, dogs can be very intelligent. With that said, there are some breeds that are smarter than others. Poodles are one of the smartest kinds of dogs. German Shepards are also very intelligent. That is why they are frequently used as guide dogs and in police training.

As researchers look at animals more closely, they are learning that most creatures possess some intelligence. People should never assume that an animal is stupid just because they can’t communicate the same way that people do. Animals are instead able to express their intelligence in different ways.

From the dolphin to domesticated pets, it is clear that there are many smart creatures in the animal kingdom. Animals have powerful brains that have helped them to survive difficult conditions. There are plenty of incredible animals out there, and many of them rely on their wits. If you love animals, you should spend some time reading about animal intelligence. You may be surprised by what you find.

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